Lodging Details & Reservations
February 24 to March 3rd, 2018

Your eight day and seven night stay at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge is located on a beautiful jungle hill overlooking the ocean and the town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.  It is a short few blocks away to town center and just steps away from the 14 kilometers of sandy coastline. Oh and I think we should mention there is a private pool on site as well. 

Cashew Hill is tucked away in the arms of the jungle rainforest. It truly is wild, yes there are creatures and yes it does rain in the rainforest. Even the most luxury restaurants and resorts are not cut off from the influence of the surrounding natural world. It is likely that you will see wild sloths, monkeys, geckos and butterflies. Living in harmony with this nature habitat is a huge reason why so many travelers come to this part of the world. Our daily yoga practices help to enhance this unity providing an opportunity to tap into her rhythm.    

All of Cashew Hill’s accommodations are simple, stand-alone cottages, with three or more comfortable twin beds. Some are two floors, others are just one. All cottages are equipped with electricity, hot water, showers, and open seating areas.

Couples Welcome: We love having couples on our retreats. At Cashew Hill we have a limited number of cottages with this availability. But this is our guarantee, your room will be private, with a double bed or larger but you will be sharing the cottage with one or two other people as well as the bathroom. Let us know if you have any questions. A couples reservation or deposit needs to be made together via the PayPal buttons below.  Because all of these cottages are typically twin beds, there will be a $150 setup fee to accommodate each couple. 

Via the PayPal buttons below is where you can make your reservation. AirFare NOT included. Note:  When making your reservation please make sure you note if you are coming with a friend and if would like to room with them. If you are curious about how we group people for their stay please scroll to the FAQs below. 


Shared Cottage
-Twins Beds, 3-4 persons/cottage, with Private Bathroom and seating area

Couple's Room
(Only Two Available)

-Private room, double bed, shared Bathroom and seating area

Summer Special: Lodging at Cashew Hill Cottages
Retreat Deposit, Non-Refundable (per person)

PAYMENT PLAN: If you like to pay in installments email us at theyogaadventure@gmail.com.

"Three-Payment Option". Absolute last payment is due February 1st. CURRENTLY we are working to set up a "Three-Payment Option" on PayPal. Until we get that working this is what it looks like: $500 deposit (initial payment), then the remaining balance will be split into two equal payments (each automatically billed 30 days apart from the date of your initial deposit), and all charges will go on the same credit card. There is currently a glitch in the paypal system for this particular payment plan, stay tuned to hear once it is working properly again.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the terms of our contract with Cashew Hill, the following dates are important to note if you need to cancel.

  • Deposit is Non-Refundable.

  • January 1-17th, 2017; 30% Refund

  • January 18th- February 3rd, 2017; 20% refund

  • After February 3rd, 2017; 10% Refund

  • If you need to cancel, send us an email at theyogaadventure@gmail.com and we will work something out. 

Thank you!